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Allergy Consultation Specialist

Allergies and their symptoms can take a toll on everyday living. At his Sherman Oaks, CA, practice, Dr. Sheybani helps patients with allergies improve their health and their quality of life with allergy consultation services aimed at helping patients take important steps to manage their allergic symptoms and avoid complications
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What is an allergy consultation?

An allergy consultation is an office visit designed to help determine the cause of allergic symptoms so they can be managed. During your consultation, you'll be asked about your symptoms and what you were doing just prior to their development to help determine the cause. You'll also be asked if you have other allergies or asthma, or if a close family member has these issues. You may also undergo allergy testing to help identify the cause so a treatment plan can be designed to provide effective symptom management.

What causes allergies?

Allergies occur when the body's immune system reacts to a trigger, like dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander or a food or other product. The body sends out “fighters” to battle what it perceives as a dangerous invader, resulting in symptoms like hives or rash, itchy skin or eyes, runny nose, sneezing or difficulty breathing. Some allergies occur seasonally and some can occur all year round, depending on what's causing them.

How can allergies be treated?

Obviously, the ideal treatment is to avoid the allergen so an allergic reaction doesn't occur. While that may be fine for food-related allergies where the food product or ingredient can be eliminated from the diet, it's much more difficult for allergies related to environmental triggers like pollen or air-borne spores. Most allergic reactions can be treated with antihistamine medications – either oral medications or topical preparations. In more severe cases, injections may be given to halt or prevent serious reactions. People with serious allergies may need to carry an autoinjector pen so they can administer medication after an allergic exposure to prevent problems with breathing or other serious complications. Some types of allergies can be treated with allergy shots, or immunotherapy, aimed at developing a resistance to the allergen over time.



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