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As a top primary care doctor in and around Sherman Oaks, CA, Dr. Sheybani offers annual physicals to help patients maintain optimal health at every age, providing medical screenings and diagnostic tests, health and lifestyle guidance, and other options to help prevent diseases and enjoy the best health possible.
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Why is it important to have a physical exam every year?

An annual physical provides an ongoing record of your health, including results of important evaluations like blood pressure measurement and weight to help identify subtle changes that could indicate the early stages of a disease, or to spot risk factors that could make you more prone to developing a serious medical condition. Plus, your annual physical exam ensures you get the medical screenings and tests that are recommended for different age groups so you stay as healthy as possible as you get older.

What happens during an annual physical?

Your physical exam will begin with a complete personal and family medical history to look for potential risk factors. Be sure to include any issues that have arisen since your last physical, as well as a complete list of any medications you're taking, including supplements and aspirin therapy. Your weight and blood pressure will be measured, your heart and lungs will be listened to, your ears, nose and throat will be examined, and your belly will be gently palpated to check for areas of tenderness or bloating. Lab work like blood tests and urinalysis may also be ordered. You'll also have time to ask questions, and you'll be provided with medical guidance and treatment recommendations to help you improve or maintain your health

How should I prepare for my annual physical?

Be ready to provide detailed information about your medical history as well as the medical histories of close family members. If you take a lot of medications or supplements, make a list so you remember to include them all on your medical history form. If you've had any medical tests performed since your last physical, arrange to have those records sent to the office before your visit so they can be reviewed ahead of time.


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We accept HMO, PPO, Medicare, and other major forms of insurance. Please call the office for more information. 

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    "Simply put, Dr. Sheybani and his staff are the best. Accommodating, friendly, professional. Excellent care. Highly recommended as a primary care physician."

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    "His office is beautiful and located in a place in Sherman Oaks with plenty of street parking. His front desk staff was very nice and super accommodating."

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