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Ali Sheybani, MD

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Medical Clearance Specialist

At his practice in Sherman Oaks, CA, Dr. Sheybani offers comprehensive medical clearance evaluations and testing for patients who are about to undergo surgery, as well as those who require medical clearance for their occupation or sports.
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What is a medical clearance?

A medical clearance is an exam that evaluates your health to determine if you're healthy enough to undergo surgery, to perform certain occupations, or to participate in certain physical activities.

Why is it important to have a medical clearance prior to undergoing surgery?

Several studies have reported that having a medical clearance prior to surgery can reduce the risks associated with surgical procedures, as well as the risks associated with anesthesia use. Plus, people with certain medical conditions or health risks can benefit from being evaluated ahead of time to ensure they're as healthy as possible prior to having surgery. When issues are uncovered that could make surgery risky, treatment can be implemented to correct those issues prior to your surgical appointment.

Why is medical clearance important before taking part in a sport or other physical activity?

Even if you're otherwise healthy, beginning a sport or other physical activity can place unfamiliar stresses and strains on your body that can result in serious health issues. Having a clearance ensures you're in the best shape possible to participate in physical activity while lowering your risks of serious complications. Being evaluated is especially important if you've been leading a relatively sedentary lifestyle.

What happens during a medical clearance?

During your appointment, you'll be asked to provide a medical history for yourself and close family members to look for risk factors for medical issues. Your blood pressure and heart function will be evaluated, and you may have other tests and lab work completed based on your risk factors to look for issues that need to be addressed prior to undergoing surgery or beginning a sports program. Unlike an annual physical, a medical clearance focuses on your health in relation to the surgery or physical activity rather than in general terms.


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