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Weight Loss Consultation

Dr. Sheybani helps patients in and around Sherman Oaks, CA, shed extra pounds and keep them off with weight loss consultation services aimed at providing individual weight-loss guidance based on each patient's unique medical, nutritional and lifestyle needs.
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What is a weight loss consultation appointment?

Weight loss consultation is the first step toward a successful weight loss journey. During your consultation appointment, you'll have a chance to discuss your concerns, including any previous attempts at dieting and weight loss. You'll be asked to provide a complete personal and family medical history to look for risk factors that could make you more prone to weight-related medical issues and which also could make it more difficult for you to lose weight and keep it off. Plus, you'll have a comprehensive physical exam including measurements of your weight and blood pressure, and you may also have your height measured to determine your body-mass index (BMI). Your weight-loss needs will be evaluated, and you'll learn about options that can help you lose weight based on your specific needs, lifestyle and goals.

What is medically-supervised weight loss?

Medically-supervised weight loss is a planned weight loss program that's custom-tailored to your needs for better results. Many people who have trouble losing weight or keeping it off have nutritional deficiencies, health issues or even lifestyle habits that can sabotage weight loss. “One-size-fits-all” weight loss and dietary programs don't take individual needs into account. As a result, repeated attempts and failure at maintaining weight loss can result in feelings of discouragement and disappointment. Medical weight loss begins with a physical exam and consultation and continues with regular monitoring to help you stay on task even as your needs change over time.

Is medical weight loss just for people who are obese?

No, medical weight loss can be a great option for anyone who is overweight. Studies have shown carrying just a few extra pounds can substantially increase your risks for several serious diseases and medical conditions. Medical weight loss can help you avoid those issues by helping you lose weight and keep it off.

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    "His office is beautiful and located in a place in Sherman Oaks with plenty of street parking. His front desk staff was very nice and super accommodating."

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